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How to Submit
Authors are advised to read carefully the 'AUTHOR GUIDELINES' and 'Manuscript Preparation" instructions and prepare the manuscript accordingly. Sections of the Text Body should be arranged in the order specified in the instructions.


The following documents must be prepared separately before the final submission of the manuscript.

1. Title Page (a sample title page can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' link under 'AUTHOR GUIDELINES') [.doc or .docx]

2. Text Body (with sections arranged in order including Abstract, References, Tables, Figures and/or Graphs) [.doc or .docx]

3. Conflict of Interest disclosure (can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' link under 'AUTHOR GUIDELINES') [.pdf]

Final Submission

All three documents as in the checklist should be submitted by uploading them via the submission form in the manuscript submission page.

Upon submission, the authors will be provided with a 'Manuscript ID' for their submitted manuscript. Thereafter, the authors would be informed the results of the review (and changes required if any) of their manuscript via email.

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