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Rules and Regulations


This event is being organized to encourage the Phase One M.B.B.S. students to show their learning and application of anatomy.

  1. The e-Quiz is open only to current students of M.B.B.S. Phase One.

  2. The e-Quiz will be conducted at 12 PM (IST) on Monday, 14th September, 2020.

  3. The total time of the e-Quiz is 1 hour.

  4. The e-Quiz will contain 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs).

  5. The participants will have to select the single best option.

  6. Each correct answer will fetch 4 (Four) marks.

  7. Each incorrect answer will be penalized with -1 (Minus One) mark.

  8. No marks will be awarded to unattempted questions.

  9. In case of equal marks, lesser number of incorrect answers will be given preference for merit.

  10. In case of equal marks and equal incorrect responses, earlier submission time will be given preference of merit.

  11. In case of equality in the above criteria, the decision of the editorial board members of JAS will be considered final.

  12. The complete results will be displayed on this page.

  13. Please ensure proper internet connectivity during the period of the e-Quiz.

  14. The organisers will not be responsible for any type of technical mishaps.

The top 50 ranked participants will also be given e-certificates.

We are thankful to PDG Rtn. G. S. Dhama, Rtn. Aditya Gupta (President) and Rtn. Sanjay Gupta (Secretary) for making Rotary Club Meerut Mahan our financial partner.

We are also thankful to the management of Subharti Group of Institutions.

We are also thankful to the efforts of PDG Rtn. Dr. D. N. Raizaday for convening the association of Rotary International with this event.


To access the questions of the e-Quiz

Click Red.jpg

To access the answer key of the e-Quiz

Click Green.jpg

Long live Anatomical Society of India !

Long live U. P. Chapter !

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