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2023, Volume 31, Issue 2

Original Article

Morphometry of proximal femur and correlations of the head neck shaft assemblage

Ajay Verma, Garima Sehgal, Mariam Moonis, Navneet Kumar

Pages : 122-131


Introduction: Recent times have shown an increased incidence of proximal femur pathologies. The morphology and morphometry of the proximal femur is an important component of hip biomechanics. Altered diameters and angles affect the range of motion and have been found to be causative in hip pathologies. Understanding femoral shape and orientation can help to predict degenerative diseases, relate to hip instability, in designing hip replacement implants, in preoperative planning and for forensic identification of human remains. This study aimed at determining the morphometric parameters of proximal femur and to analyse the correlations between measured parameters.

Materials and Methods: Measurements were made on 120 dry adult human femora of unknown sex (Right-60, Left-60). Transverse and vertical diameters of the head and neck and anterior and posterior neck lengths were measured using digital vernier calliper and neck-shaft angle was measured using a goniometer. Measurements were statistically analysed. Correlation coefficient was used to analyse the relationship among variables.

Results: Mean vertical and transverse diameters of head were 43.23 mm and 43.16 mm and Mean Anterior and Posterior neck lengths were 28.37 mm and 35.81 mm respectively. Mean Neck shaft angle was 128.82. On comparison between sides, statistically significant differences were observed in neck shaft angle and anterior neck length measurements. Correlation between neck shaft angle and neck length as well as between neck shaft angle and head diameters revealed variable patterns on left and right sides.

Conclusions: Our study has found a significant difference in anterior length of neck in left and right femur as well as a substantial and statistically significant positive correlation was observed between anterior neck length and neck shaft angle of the right femur.

Keywords : Femur, Morphometry, Vernier, Goniometer, Hip, Prosthesis

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