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2023, Volume 31, Issue 2

Original Article

Association of nutritive value and cognitive performance in adolescent girls of eastern Uttar Pradesh

Durgesh Singh, Shashi Prabha Singh, Kshitij Raj, Mirza R U Beg, Devraj Yadav

Pages : 100-114


Introduction: Food insecurity (FI) is a pressing concern affecting millions globally, particularly adolescents, impacting physical and cognitive health. Studies highlight its association with poor cognition, emphasizing the critical need for understanding and addressing this issue.

Materials and Methods: The study, conducted in urban slums of Saharanpur district, India, employed a community-based, cross-sectional design. Systematic random sampling was utilized, with 384 adolescent girls selected. Data collection included socio-demographic profiles, household food security assessment, cognitive performance evaluation, and morbidity analysis.

Results: Findings revealed a significant prevalence of morbid conditions among adolescent girls, including anemia, dental issues, and respiratory problems. Household food insecurity correlated with socio-demographic factors and significantly impacted cognitive performance, manifesting in high levels of anxiety, depression, and psychological distress.

Conclusions: Over 50% of adolescent girls in the study faced household food insecurity, with notable cognitive impairment and numerous morbidities. These results underscore the urgent need for public health interventions addressing food insecurity and socio-economic disparities, particularly in urban slum settings. Effective strategies should ensure access to nutritious food and promote socio-economic stability to mitigate the adverse effects of food insecurity on adolescent health and well-being.

Keywords : Cross-sectional study, Household food insecurity, Cognition, Adolescent girl, Urban slum, ICD 11

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