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2023, Volume 31, Issue 1

Original Article

Opinion of first year medical students about their morning lecture pattern

Subhash Gupta, Sagun Shukla

Pages: 1-10


Introduction: With the advent of the new curriculum of medical students (CBME), the role of teachers has now changed from being mere teachers to being considered as facilitators. Teachers are thus required to assist the students in their study. Hence, the student’s point of view of their education pattern has become all the moreimportant. This study was conducted to know the thoughts of first-year medical students about their morning lectures of different subjects.

Materials and methods: Fifteen questions pertaining to morning teaching pattern of 1st year MBBS students were formed via Google Sheets. A response link was created and sent to medical students of three batches (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year), when the first yearstudents had completed three months of their course.

Results: Approximately half of the students (51.5) favored morning lectures (8am-9am) and majority (76.8%) wanted the first lecture to be Anatomy. Half (50.7%) preferred PPT method while around 40% wanted it to be in chalk and board fashion. Most of the students (90%) wanted a mixed language pattern. More than half (56.6%) agreed for 45 minutes of each lecture duration. Most of the students (86.9%) wanted some gap between two consecutive lectures. Majority of the students (81.6%) did not think the backbenchers to be mischievous and 70% did not advocate for separate rows for girls and boys.

Conclusions: Students had a view that Anatomy should be taught as first lecture in the morning and pattern should be mixed with modern audio-visual technologies.

Keywords: Opinion, Medical students, Morning teaching, Lectures

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