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2022, Volume 30, Issue 2

Original Article

Study on variations of Biceps brachii muscle and its clinical significance in Uttar Pradesh population

Muktyaz Hussein, Mukesh Bansal, Ved Prakash

Pages: 64-70


Introduction: The variations and abnormalities of the upper limb muscles have become significant because of new imaging techniques, such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The biceps brachii muscle is one of the muscles of the anterior compartment of the arm and it is one of the most variable muscles in the human body in terms of number and morphology. The biceps brachii muscle has two heads, long and short head.

Materials and Methods: The present study comprised of 26 adult cadavers (52 upper limbs) (40 male, 12 female) from Uttar Pradesh population during routine abdominal dissection conducted for medical undergraduates at the department of Anatomy. Both the arms of the cadavers were dissected carefully observed and biceps brachii muscle variations were photographed and recorded.

Results: A three headed biceps brachii muscle was found unilaterally only in male cadavers, belonging to the right side. The incidence of present of third of head biceps brachii muscles were observed in 03 cadavers (11.5%).

Conclusions: Knowledge of such variations is very important for surgeons who do operating procedure in the arm region.

Keywords: Biceps brachii, Third head

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