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The Journal of Anatomical Sciences was established in 1978 by the U.P. Chapter of the Anatomical Society of India, led by Prof. A. C. Das. Since its inception, it has played a crucial role in anatomical research, with 215 members who have made significant contributions to national research endeavors. The first issue was published in September 1979, marking the beginning of a scholarly journey that continues to this day.


Over the years, the chapter has adapted to technological advancements to improve accessibility. Through dedicated efforts, the chapter launched its website,, providing a digital platform for scholarly pursuits and organizational updates. This accomplishment showcases the commitment of senior executives and the collective dedication of esteemed members.


Today, the journal stands as a testament to the chapter's commitment to advancing anatomical sciences. Members can access a wealth of research and committee activities with just a click, fostering collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge. Together, let us continue to nurture our chapter, ensuring its lasting success in the pursuit of anatomical excellence.


The Journal of Anatomical Sciences is owned and managed by the U.P. Chapter of the Anatomical Society of India.

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