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2023, Volume 31, Issue 1

Original Article

Anatomical variations in the origin of gonadal artery - A computed tomography angiographic study

Arjun Kumar, Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Yashika Sharma, Kuldeep Singh, Manu Gupta

Pages: 11-19


Introduction: A sound knowledge of variations of gonadal artery is required during operative, diagnostic and endovascular procedures in the abdomen and pelvis especially with the advancement of newer intra-abdominal operative and laparoscopic techniques. The aim of this study was to analyze the normal anatomy of gonadal arteries and their variations by MDCT in the north Indian population.

Materials and methods: 500 patients (aged 18 to 70) referred to the department of Radio diagnosis at SubhartiMedical College & Hospital, Meerut, and neighboring imaging centresin the NCR underwent the cross-sectional study (MDCT). From August 2019 to July 2022, MDCT scan images of the abdomen region were examined for the normal anatomy of the gonadal arteries.

Results: Variation were found in both sides gonadal arteries in males and females. The frequency of variations of gonadal arteries in terms of their origin was more commonly found in males.

Conclusions: Various morphological anomalies of gonadal arteries are reported. The possible embryological basis for this variation as well as its clinical significance, are discussed. The knowledge of this variation will help the radiologists and surgeons in avoiding clinical complications during uro-radiologic interventions and surgical procedures such as renal and gonadal surgeries.

Keywords: Gonadal artery, Testicular artery (TA), Ovarian artery (OA), Renal artery (RA).

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