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2021, Volume 29, Issue 2

Student Submission

Impact of repeated transition in the mode of education from offline to online mode and vis-a-versa (due to Covid-19 pandemic) on mental health of Indian medical undergraduates

Tanishq Agrawal, Adity Wardhan Singh, Pooja Dawani

Pages: 68-76


Introduction: After attending online classes during the coronavirus pandemic a wide range ofchanges were observed among undergraduate medical students in their physical, mental, and social health. It even reflected in their academic performances. All these changes were primarily due to altered lifestyles, prolonged screen time, and poor interaction of students with the teachers and their peers.

Materials and methods: The data for this observational study was collected through a self-designed questionnaire, sent through electronic messaging (google forms) to Indian Medical Graduates nationwide. All the responses were then compiled in adequate tables and charts to study the responses.

Results: The study comprised of 600 collected responses from Indian medical undergraduates. Atotal of 402(67%) students reported mental illness, 381(63.50%) students experienced weight gain, 434(72.33%) students found the repeated transition in the mode of education challenging, and 449(74.83%) students needed help adapting to a proper study schedule. Increased aggressiveness in behavior was seen in 333(55.50%) and 343(54.17%) faced sleeplessness because of the stress due to prolonged screen time. 455(75.83%) students needed help understanding the practical curriculum during the online classes.

Conclusions: The results of this study suggest that online classes negatively impacted the mental health of Indian medical undergraduates. It was also observed that the students' physical and social health had also been affected leading to decreased academic performance and interest in their career. A significant rise in psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, mania, etc., was also observed among the students.

Keywords: Covid-19, Online classes, Medical undergraduates

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