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2021, Volume 29, Issue 1

Case Report

Rare unilateral third head of Biceps brachii - A case report

Swati Yadav, Rajni Patel

Pages: 34-37


Biceps Brachii has been described as one of the muscle showing frequent anatomical variation . Third Head of Biceps Brachii arising from Humerus is one of the commonly seen anatomical variation. Understanding the existence of unilateral or bilateral supernumerary heads may influence preoperative diagnosis and surgery of Upper limbs. In this current case report , Inferolateral third head of Biceps Brachij was found in an 85 year old cadaver. The knowledge of such variation will be advantageous to surgeons, radiologists, etc.

Keywords: MN-Median Nerve, MCN- Musculocutaneous Nerve, LR – Lateral Root, Biceps brachii

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