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2021, Volume 29, Issue 1

Original Article

A MDCT study on the analysis of Coeliac trunk and its branching pattern in the north Indian population

Arjun Kumar, Satyam Khare, Shilpi Jain, Manu Gupta, Yashika Sharma

Pages: 24-33


Introduction: The coeliac trunk, which emerges from the AA at the level of T12-L1 vertebra immediately before the aortic hiatus, is the first anterior branch. The left stomach artery is the first branch, and the coeliac trunk divides into the common hepatic and splenic arteries. It divides into three branches: the left gastric artery, common hepatic artery, and splenic artery.

Materials and methods: Hundred patients (aged 18 to 70) referred to the Department of Radiodiagnosis at Subharti Medical College & Hospital, Meerut, and neighbouring Imaging Centers in the NCR underwent the cross-sectional study (MDCT). From August 2019 to October 2022, MDCT scan images of the abdomen region were examined for the normal anatomy of the coeliac trunk and its branches to determine their changes and type.

Results: According to Uflacker's classification, type-1 coeliac trunk branching pattern is the most frequently observed variant in the current study, whereas type-2 is the least frequently observed variety. In 2% of the population, there are variations in the type-1 coeliac trunk, such as the gastroduodenal artery and accessory hepatic artery that immediately emerge from the coeliac trunk. Common hepatic artery emerging from superior mesenteric artery in 2% of the population of type-5 variant. Left gastric artery takes a distinct origin from the abdominal aorta in 1% of type-6 coeliac trunks.

Conclusions: The most prevalent coeliac trunk branching pattern linked with other variations is type -1 variety. Each variation is distinct, and the carelessness of a combination of such variances may pose a serious risk and result in fatal complications. Understanding the coeliac trunk branching pattern precisely is crucial.

Keywords: Coeliac trunk (CT), Abdominal aorta (AA), Multidetector computerised tomography (MDCT), Common hepatic artery (CHA), Uflackers Classification.

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