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2021, Volume 29, Issue 1

Original Article

Study of nature of supraorbital foramen in dry human north Indian skulls

Subhash Gupta, K P Nirala, Amrita Gupta, Sagun Shukla

Pages: 7-17


Introduction: Supraorbital foramina are important passage for neurovascular bundles. Their nature should be known for Ocular and facial surgeries. The aim of study was to document topographical anatomical nature of Supraorbital foramen, which is necessary for procedures which are performed in supraorbital region.

Materials and methods: A total of 72 dry human skulls of unknown age and gender from North India, were studied. In each skull, nature of supraorbital foramen was observed on both sides.

Results: It was observed that the supraorbital foramen was complete in33,3% on left side and in 47.2% skulls on right side, with overall bilaterality of 19.44%. It was incomplete in 18.1% skulls on left and 4.2% skulls on right side. Supraorbital notch was present bilaterally in 36.12% skulls.

Conclusions: Precise knowledge about nature of Supraorbital foramen may have important implication on Orbital and periorbital procedures. It may provide guidance for anaesthetists and surgeons.

Keywords: Supraorbital foramen, Nature, North Indian Human skull.

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